We work too hard, get stressed and then wonder why we're not happy. Enjoy the small things in life, the here and now because, in the end, it's all we've got.

Moving abroad changes your perspective not only of the country you move to but the one you move from. You are better able to see and understand both the positive and negative aspects of your home country. This allows you to stop being reflexively nationalistic and to become a true patriot, someone capable of loving your country while acknowledging its faults. There is no perfect place or people and there never will be. We can only strive to make ourselves and the places we live better.

This little blog was started in 2003 as a way to try to keep friends and family up-to-date on how life in Denmark is going for this expat and his family. Had some fun with it over the years but things like Facebook, FaceTime, and the fact that my kids are all grown up now have rendered it obsolete. I still like the concept of a personal blog, it better embodies the spirit of the web than what is happening now with so-called social media, so I keep it around and like to think that I will find something interesting to post her one day. Here’s to hope.