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This is our little blog. We will try to keep our friends and family up-to-date on how we are doing here in Denmark.


Andy & Helene

Andy and Helene, looking tan and happy, from our most recent trip to Chico.

11 Responses to “Home”

  1. just wondering if you were related to Sadie,Annette,Paulaman,Art,Selmar Gausemel


    peta dunia satelit reply on December 13th, 2011 22:11:

    @steve pirsch,
    Hi Steve, seeing as there are not too many Gausemels in the world and my father, grandfather and great-grandfather all are/were named Art (the latter two lived in Minnesota where you are from) I would have to guess yes.


  2. Love the blog. I may have to steal Axel.


  3. Carrie says:

    So I just guessed the picture in an email to you before I read Doug’s answer. I was kind of right. Just for the record.
    So as Aaron said, the boys are doing well. I swear Coby said Mama this morning. Adam talks about Molly and Ana often and remembers the times with Mickey Mouse last summer. This summer he has been swimming (well, holding on to the wall and kicking) and still playing trains. He rides his bulldozer and loves to crash. Coby throws a mean fast ball and tries to keep up with big brother. I am working half-time and have been enjoying walking in our new neighborhood and, as always, cooking. All for now. Tell Helene I want to hear from her.
    Your favorite sister in law:)


  4. Andy says:

    We have a weener!

    Doug is the first person to answer correctly about the picture. It is a G5 cluster supercomputer at Virginia Tech.

    Two thumbs up for Doug. Your prize is in the mail 😉



  5. Andy says:

    @ Your Favorite Brother

    I like it! First there was the “The dog ate my homework.” excuse and now there is the “The cat crapped on the floor.” excuse. I’ll have to remember that one next time I miss the toilet. Best part is that Carrie bought it. Love is blind!

    Look forward to a little video Skype with you guys when you have a decent connection.




  6. Doug says:

    That picture looks like the georgia tech G5 based supercomputer. It’s a whole bunch of Macs in any case.


  7. Your favorite brother says:

    I think that is a picture of my condom boxes because those are the only ones big enough to hold the size i need. There is only one per box pretty amazing huh. I haven’t heard from you guys in a while and we have not been able to use skype because our new house only has dial up and it is really annoying to even sign on. The boys are doing good, Coby is crawling and he is fearless. You push him over and he just laughs and comes back for more. Adam would have cried.
    The other day Adam went into the bathroom took off his diaper crapped on the floor tried to clean it up with my slipper and then blamed the cat. Carrie believed him and she threw the cat outside and then saw all the crap on Adam’s butt. Pretty hilar. Talk to you later

    Miss you guys and love you



  8. Missy says:

    I miss you guys… Have you heard Matts getting married Yep this fall to a girl named Cari she is very nice. For a while and I had the same job with the state. Protective service worker….AKA checked for child abuse. Now I work in the medical feild of Social Work. Ok Love you and miss you hopefully soon you come visit.


  9. Michael Reynolds says:

    Andy!!!! Are you out there??? All of a sudden I received “6” OLD emails dating back to Oct. 2006. Seems almost like maybe your fishing?? Hope you get this. I have sent several but have not heard back, so before I get to long, lets see if you get this.


  10. Heather O says:

    I stumbled across your website looking for your parents address. Great Blog. Take care. You have a beautiful family.

    Heather Brown Ostrom


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